The Last Spell makes magic on Switch today

Watch where you point that wand!

09 March 2023
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Publisher The Arcade Crew and developer Ishtar Games today released the exhilaratingly tense roguelite tactical RPG The Last Spell on Switch, bringing the game to its 1.0 launch after selling more than 250,000 copies during its Steam Early Access period. Quick-thinking tacticians can save 10 percent on the breakout hit’s $22.50 launch price until March 23 through Steam, the Nintendo eShop.

As seen in the fantastically stylized animation and action-packed gameplay from today’s launch trailer, The Last Spell‘s grand battles find humanity’s final Haven surrounded by a relentless evil advancing from all sides. In order to protect the Magic Circle at all costs, players must expertly guide teams of warriors and the Haven’s development against seemingly insurmountable odds and unpredictable attacks, intuitively adapting their strategy as monstrous hordes tear at defensive fortifications to raze the Haven’s supportive inner structures and extinguish the last flicker of humankind. Bask in the richly depicted dark fantasy world of The Last Spell and take in the sheer might of the approaching beastly swarms by watching the trailer:

Deeply Rewarding Turn-Based Combat: Thoughtfully equip, position and command squads to line up devastating attacks on groups of enemies without getting overpowered.

Immense Replayability: Randomized party members, stashes of gear, and enemy flanks make each run an exciting, unpredictable fight through procedural generation.

Defensive Strategy: Develop a customizable holdout with upgradable buildings and defensive structures while stalling an unending advance of monsters.

Rewarding Challenge: Close in on humanity’s salvation with each defeat, learning new tactics and unlocking weapons, skills or new supportive buildings.

A Rousing Soundtrack: A synth-driven progressive metal OST perfectly suited for the highs of battle and the brooding, dark world of The Last Spell composed by French musician Rémi Gallego, aka The Algorithm. Purchase the full soundtrack through the Headbanger Pack or separately here.

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