Developer Area 35 has announced that they’re bringing their rhythm game Felicity’s Door to Switch. There’s no word on release date or pricing at this time.

Felicity’s Door is a rhythm game that takes players on a journey through the world of siblings Tom and Felicity’s dreams – dreams that are absolutely bursting with adorable animations and original tunes by popular artists working in the Japanese game, anime, and music industries!

When our protagonists go to sleep, they are joined by the lovable bear Mi-chan as they journey through magical worlds punctuated with beautiful music and gorgeously colorful imagery. With note charts of varying difficulties for each song designed for players of all skill levels and various modifiers available to fine-tune the beat-matching gameplay, Felicity’s Door is a must-play for any rhythm game aficionado! \

Tap, slide, hold, and don’t forget to keep to the rhythm. Felicity’s Door boasts a wide selection of starting songs with many many more exciting additional music packs already in the works!

Enjoy the free Story Mode to your heart’s content and keep the rhythm moving with Music Mode - who knows what other secrets it may hide?

Compete with others by sharing your results online in our 4 difficulty modes: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. Further game customization is available with a calibration system and judgment line approach speed adjustments available.

Whatever your music interest, there will be a pack for you in Felicity’s Door.

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