Kombinera, the vivid puzzle platformer, has just seen release on Switch today. You can pick up the game on the Switch eShop right now for $15.

Kombinera is an easy to learn, yet devilishly tricky puzzler that offers daunting challenges that are difficult to put down. Boasting 300 levels with an increasing difficulty slider, Kombinera challenges players to control of multiple colored spheres, each with their own unique perks and abilities. Jump, dodge, and roll in brightly colorful unison while avoiding dangerous obstacles such as wall spikes, barriers, and more! Kombinera even includes an in-depth, complex, and heart-tugging storyline to complement the simplistic gameplay.

Finally, you can also select from a host of accessibility features, ensuring anyone will be able to play and enjoy Kombinera. Head over to the Switch eShop now to check it out!

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2y ago

I'm guessing the game is made in Sweden, Kombinera means combine in Swedish.