Besides Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection featuring a ton of games, the collection will also have some brand new features for you to enjoy!

Some of the new features we found about during the Capcom Spotlight are Buster MAX Mode and Patch Cards.

For Buster MAX Mode, this new feature will make it faster to get through some of the many battles you’ll encounter during the game, as this mode multiplies the attack power of your normal MegaBuster by 100. You can toggle this mode on and off, so if you wanted to get something closer to the original experience, you can do that with no problems.

As for the Patch Cards, these were cards that were available only in Japan during the release of the original games, but this time, all 499 cards will be available in the game and they’ll be usable from Mega Man Battle Network 4 onward.

If you’d like to know even more details about these features, check out Capcom Blog’s latest entry on Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection!

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