After a teaser trailer and a cinematic trailer, Epic has finally released the official gameplay trailer for Fortnite: Chapter 4 - Season 2. You can check out what the trailer above has to offer.

As expected, fans will be able to snag an Eren Yeager theme from Attack on Titan, but that’s definitely not all this Season has to offer. It appears players will be able to also use the omni-directional mobility gear from Attack on Titan to zip around island, and then hop on rails around certain locations to grind to a victory royale.

Not surprisingly, this season also includes a variety of new weapons, such as a samurai sword to slice and dice sweaties, a gun that lets you lock onto enemies for shots, and plenty of other revamped classics.

Full details on everything in Chapter 4 - Season 2 will be shared in a few hours, and we’ll bring every last tidbit to you when the info drops.

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