A new patch has been announced for Guardian Tales. The patch will be available on March 10th, 2023, and will include new content and events. Check out the full patch notes below.

1. New Hero and Exclusive Weapon

  • SSR Hero : Future Knight
  • ★5 Exclusive Weapon : Cosmic Destroyer

2. Contents

  • The new story, World 11 ‘Unrecorded World, Part 2’ will open.

The Stages related to ‘Unrecorded World, Part 2’ will be added.

※ 4 Main stages will open first.

※ The following stages will open on Mar. 21(Tue).

  • You can enter Unrecorded World after clearing World 10, ‘Unrecorded World, Part 1’.
  • The Maximum Level for Heroes and Equipment will increase from 69 to 72.
  • The Hero’s maximum level will increase to 72 after clearing World 10 ‘Unrecorded World, Part 1’.
  • Hero and Equipment levels can be increased up to 77 through Limit Break.
  • Beginner missions related to World 11 will be added.


  • The Guild Arcade will open.

-Bouncing Bunny Herding

-Bittersweet Candy Collecting

-Special Mission! Stop the Gargoyles

  • Heavenhold Tower will open (Up to floor 60).
  • Mirror Rift will open (Up to floor 80).
  • Rift will open (Up to floor 80).


  • I Don’t Do Regrets.
  • Sports Club
  • Please Accept My Chocolate!


  • Cosmic Destroyer
  • Pendant of Promise Card
  • Brave Running Girl’s Card
  • Lively Twin’s Glove Card
  • Queen Knight
  • Loraine’s Head Shield
  • Bamboo Spear Staff
  • Comic Boxing Gloves
  • Upgraded Apprentices’ Shield
  • Assassin’s Staff
  • Lightning Sabre
  • Mayreel Rifle

Exploration Forge

  • The new content, ‘Exploration Forge’ will open.
  • Following the opening of Exploration Forge, related Beginner and Challenge missions will be added.
  • To open Exploration Forge, your Guardian Level must be 100 or higher.
  • The following Super Costumes can be made at Exploration Forge.

-Autumn Gale Knight

-Dusk Queen Plitvice

-Ruler of Jungle Ranpang


  • Co-op Season 12 and Master Arena Season 6 will progress during the following period. (3 times per day)

03/12 12:00 ~ 03/19 11:59 (PST)

Friendly Match will be added.

  • You will be able to see the ‘Friendly Match’ icon on the left side of the screen upon Arena entry.
  • Through the ‘Friendly Match’ icon, anyone can open a Friendly Match and can enter via the generated Code.
  • Friendly Match is held as a 3:3 battle with the same rules as the Arena.
  • You can change the map by touching [Select Map - Current Name of Map] at the top of the screen in the Friendly Match Room.
  • Random matching is also possible in Friendly Match.

Upon Friendly Match entry, you can create a Public or Private Room by touching [Create Room].

By touching [Public Room Random Matching], you can play Friendly Match with a random user.

3. Shop

  • SSR Hero Growth Package (Future Knight) has been added.

※ The SSR Hero Growth Package will show up once you summon and own the corresponding Hero.

※ The SSR Hero Growth Package can only be purchased for 7 days. It will not show up anymore if unpurchased. - A regularly sold package with forge materials will be added.

Please check the details and package items within the game after the Mar.14th update.

The Hero/Weapon Costume sale rotation will change.

Purchase Period: Mar.13 after maintenance ~ Mar.27th 16:59 (PST)

  • Chocolate Romance Future Knight
  • Chocolate Passion Idol Eva
  • Chocolate Confession Future Princess
  • Chocolate Cupid Gabriel
  • Future Knight Owner Little Princess
  • Sporting Gabriel
  • Death Angel Arabelle
  • Dark Knight Captain Eva
  • Blade Queen Yuze
  • Golden Knight Rachel
  • Unicorn Angel Eugene
  • Archangel Bari
  • Fallen Angel Gremory
  • Angel Aoba
  • Volleyball Player
  • Ice hockey Fan Catherine

New Equipment Costumes will be added.

Purchase Period: Mar.13 after maintenance ~ Mar.27th 16:59 (PST)

  • Heart Candy Staff
  • Chocolate Box Shield
  • Humongous Rifle
  • Ring of Brilliance

The Super Costume tab will open.

4 Super Costumes that can be purchased with

  • Mystic Thread will be added.
  • Autumn Gale Knight
  • Dusk Queen Plitvice
  • Ruler of Jungle Ranpang
  • Cyberpunk Future Knight

Purple Coin items for World 11 will be added to the Shop.

New products will be added to the Bottle Cap tab.

  • Emperor Two-Handed Sword
  • Frost Bow

4. Event

New Hero and Exclusive Weapon

Period : After Mar.13 Maintenance ~ Mar.27th 16:59 (PST)


  • SSR Hero Future Knight
  • SSR Hero Flower Girl Bari
  • SSR Hero Idol Captain Eva


  • ★5 Cosmic Destroyer
  • ★5 Mayreel
  • ★5 Angel Voice

The new Live Event ‘World 11 Point Exchange’ will begin.

  • Event Period: After Mar.13 Maintenance ~ Mar.27th 16:59 (PST)
  • Challenge Stage Open Period : After Mar.20 Maintenance ~ Mar.27th 16:59 (PST)
  • Reward Obtain Period: Mar.21 16:59 (PST)

5. Others

  • The Hero and Weapon Summons Chance Table will be updated.

Guardian Tales is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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