GIANTS Software has released a content update for Farming Simulator 20 on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. Alongside the usual bug fixes and optimizations, two new machines have been added to the game: IXTER B18 and IXTRACK T4. Both machines are modeled after real-word tractors from Norwegian manufacturer Kverneland. Check out the trailer for Content Update #9 above.

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2y ago

Anyone here ever check out these games? For some reason I've always been kinda interested, but never looked into them beyond a trailer here and there.


2y ago


Been reviewing them for years; they're really interesting if you enjoy sims. Kind of therapeutic. Some get more into it than others. Truth be told, the tasks are mundane and repetitive, but if you hooked by the mechanics, it's a good time.

My recommendation is actually to try out the older version, simply titled Farming Simulator Nintendo Switch Edition. That's a port of FS17 from the PC/PS4/Xbox One. FS20 is a mobile edition; looks better, but has less features and simplified mechanics.