Theatrhythm Final Bar Line includes a ton of characters from the Final Fantasy series, and each one was painstakingly shifted from their original designs to the Theatrhythm style. In a new feature from Square Enix, we find out which character of the entire roster was the toughest challenge.

In the image above, you can see Final Fantasy XV’s Ardyn. As you can see, he’s quite the fancy character, complete with a multi-layered outfit. According to Theatrhythm character designer Monster Octopus, Ardyn took a serious amount of effort to get just right.


Of all the enemy characters that I designed for this game, the one I have the fondest memories of working on was Ardyn.

When I started working on him, it was hard to figure out how his complex clothing was constructed. I really wondered how indieszero would split the design up to move freely. The other thing was the sheer number of weapons he used with his Armiger power! It was quite a headache and I spent time mulling over how to approach these.

If I added too much detail in how the weapons were drawn then it would overload the player with too much visual information and also get in the way of Ardyn himself, but at the same time I didn’t want to make them too simplistic. I also had to make subtle tweaks to work out how best to express Ardyn’s mysterious side.

[Character designer, Monster Octopus]

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