Chrono Trigger remains one of Square Enix’s most impressive titles, with millions of fans still holding the game near and dear to their hearts. Creating a follow-up to such a beloved title was no easy task, and the Director behind the project knew the pressure was on.

In an hour-long Square Enix interview, Chrono Cross Director Masato Kato opened up on how he came up with the main idea in Chrono Cross. It turns out the inception of his direction came from a very simple request from the higher-ups.

I was approached to create something new. Chrono Trigger was based on time travel. So when I thought about doing something different this time, I decided to make a game using parallel worlds.

Basically, I hate repeating something I’ve done before. I like trying my hand at something new, something I’ve never attempted before.

In that sense, if I had to play a game or make a game, I wanted to see what I could construct with parallel worlds. I thought about what I wanted to do next. And it made clear sense to me to go with parallel worlds.

[Chrono Cross Director, Masato Kato ]

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