Publisher Spike Chunsoft and developer Millennium Kitchen have shared new details on their upcoming Japan-exclusive 3D adventure game, Natsu-Mon! 20th Century Summer Vacation, which was first revealed during the last Japanese Nintendo Direct. You can check out the details below. The game is scheduled to release sometime this Summer for the Nintendo Switch.

From Bug Collecting to Summer Festivals, Enjoy a Summer Vacation Full of Activitie


From fishing to bug collecting, swimming, and tree climbing, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your summer vacation in Natsu-Mon! 20th Century Summer Vacation. And those experiences will be recorded in your picture journal. One of the key features of this game is completing your picture journal by fully enjoying these various activities.

The vast country town in which the game is set is home to not only waters and mountains, but also a sunflower field, the site of a former mine, and other exciting locations. Explore all sorts of places through free movement, such as by climbing trees and walls.

The fish and bugs you catch can be either kept or donated to the local museum.



Interacting with the unique townspeople and members of the circus troupe that has come to town is one of the charms of this game. Each character has their own purposeful behaviors and live by them. Even the adults that usually work during the day will show different sides at night and on days off. Proactively engaging with the townspeople to enjoy various interactions, such as helping out those with troubles or burdens, or exploring and solving incidents with the local children.



From mundane activities like radio calisthentics every morning in which you can enjoy stamp collecting, to big events that involve the whole town such as summer festivals and fireworks displays, there are plenty of events that will make your summer vacation more memorable.

While the circus show is one of the major events, the troupe itself seems to be facing some problems. To make the show a success, the player’s help is required. Experience the various events that occur in town, from delightful ones to those that may be a bit sad.


A Midsummer Adventure in a Versatile Open-World

The greatest feature of this game is the ability to traverse various locations in a fully 3D country town open-world without loading or switching screens (*). The game’s nostalgic world, such as shopping arcades and single-car trains, is reproduced in 3D, and even the in-game time and weather change in real-time.

Swim in the ocean, climb mountains, ride the train to the next town over—enjoy the adventures you experienced as a child in a seamless, immersive world.

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