Temtem has been updated to Version 1.3.0 and Season 3 is here! The changelog for balance this patch could be one of the biggest yet, so there’s a lot of stuff to unpack. There are many things the team wanted to tackle, and some they just wanted to start work on, so there’ll be a bit of everything and some changes are going to be more meaningful than others.

The devs have reviewed almost every Temtem in game and made changes to its stats, Techs or Traits. The main objective has been to dethrone the top tier Temtem, but not bury them, all while pushing new faces into the group of frequently-seen Temtem. You will discover 3 new Traits and a brand new Tech that were created to support this intention.

On top of that, the dev team analyzed some mechanics that felt unfair to a majority of players and we have started taking action to test and measure the impact they really have in the game. The principal mechanics adjusted are Freeze and Healing. Both are going to be a little less free to abuse: Freeze has been capped at 2 turns, and healing has been reduced in a handful of techniques. The team are going to keep an eye on them and, if needed, make adjustments on following seasons.

Finally, Temtem’s devs are already working on season 4! Their objective for Season 4 is to revisit Stall and its lack of interaction.

If you want to see the complete (and massive) patch notes for Version 1.3.0, you can find them here.


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