Nintendo's Doug Bowser stays quiet on details for other video projects from Nintendo

They're coming, but details remain under lock and key

13 March 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 4

Nintendo has made it clear that they’re moving into the video space going forward. While games will always be at the forefront of Nintendo’s portfolio, Nintendo definitely has interest in creating other multimedia projects like the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie from Nintendo and Illumination. While a massive project for Nintendo, this is just the start of their foray into other video projects.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Nintendo’s Doug Bowser is asked to share some details on what other video-related projects Nintendo has in the works. Not surprisingly, Bowser isn’t willing to let loose with details.

We have announced that we are working on other video projects but we’re not at the point where we want to talk about what these characters are. I could share my favorites, but that probably wouldn’t be appropriate.

[Nintendo's Doug Bowser]

It looks like Bowser is following in Shigeru Miyamoto’s footsteps with his response. When Miyamoto would share insight into his hobbies or interests, many would see that as hints at what his next game project is. Bowser clearly wants to avoid that altogether, so he chose to stay quiet on his favorite characters.

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1+ y ago

"We're working on adapting the Nintendo Classic, Metroid Other M, to the big screen"


1+ y ago


"Directed by one of the biggest names in the industry of all time: Uwe Boll."


1+ y ago

CharacterS, favoriteS. Damn, I hope it's not shorts and such but movies and maybe full shows. Metroid please!


1+ y ago