The official Final Fantasy VII Remake Twitter account posted some interesting information about the development of the original game. It seems party member Barret Wallace was intended to have a “Bowgun” instead of his iconic arm-gun. Meaning that he was intended to have both his arms.

You can read a rough translation of the above tweet below.

[FFVII original version small story]

Barrett had a character image from the beginning of FFVII planning, but at that time, the world view was still undecided, so he had a bowgun instead of a gun! In the initial plot, there is also an episode where you promise to go to Cosmo Canyon with the Avalanche members! ♨️👕🍕 #FF7R #FFVII25th

It’s not exactly clear if by “bowgun” they mean a crossbow or a more fantastical weapon.

It seems at this point in development the world hadn’t been decided upon and once they honed in on Midgar that’s when Barret’s bowgun was swapped for his arm-gun.

The Tweet also tells of a cut scene where Barret promises the members of avalanche to take them to Cosmo Canyon which didn’t make it into the final game.

It’s always nice when you can learn new things about old titles, hopefully the Twitter account can share more interesting tidbits like this soon.

The original Final Fantasy VII is available on Nintendo Switch eShop.

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