RedDeer.Games, one of the biggest game publishers on the Nintendo Switch console, announced the release date for Uzzuzuu My Pet – a beloved animal pals from South Korea. The game will be available on Nintendo eShop from March 24th worldwide.
The ground-breaking Asian brand, which features four animals as its main characters – puppy Boo, cat Tara, a partying Golden Retriever named Kung, and a Persian Ta – will embark on a global expansion as of March 24, thanks to a partnership between RDG and Korean company OOSSOO Inc.

Uzzuzzu My Pet, will feature a series of colouring sections that will allow users to add unique colours to the world of the inseparable and crazy pack of Uzzuzzu pets. The game is designed to appeal to a wide range of people of all ages.

Until now, Uzzuzzu My Pet – in addition to their popular animated films or mascots-have, settled with more than 8 million Koreans through the CATV, SNS. Besides South Korea, the series and related products are also popular in China and Indonesia.

Upcoming quarterly plans include the Uzzuzzu My Pet friends clock – which will follow one of the most popular series of apps created by RedDeer.Games. Like the previous apps – users will be able to personalize their clock by choosing their favourite theme, which in this version will be a pet from the Uzzuzzu family, or set the whole pack.

The last title announced for this year will focus on a social game from Uzzuzzu My Pet, which, along with its characters, will take Nintendo Switch console users on a truly wild and dancey fun get-together with friends.

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