The Zebra-Man!, developed and published by Zerouno Games, announces that it recently got funded on Kickstarter after having achieved the 10.000€ needed to confirm its launch on Switch at the end of this year, in both physical and digital format. As a curiosity, the most requested reward has been the True Killer collector’s edition, which includes the booklet, the artbook, the poster, the soundtrack and even a replica of the zebra mask.

But there are still 9 days left of the active campaign and The Zebra-Man! doesn’t rest. The Gladiator Mode will come to the game if the campaign gets 13.000€ of funding, and it will take the players to the limit by having them survive endless waves of enemies, increasing the difficulty level bit by bit. In addition, it will have subtitles in German, Italian and French.

The Zebra-Man! is a hyper-charged top-down action game with puzzles and brutal fist fights and blood spilling in your wake.

It’s 1970. Trapped in a secret facility at an undetermined time, you are a man without an identity and some mad scientists have been doing nasty stuff to you for quite long.

Confused and lost, you receive help from the mysterious Raccoon, a random guy with a mask. He is determined that you kill Alexander Cooper, and will only release you if you agree.

Soon you’ll be caught up in impossible situations, time travel, time paradoxes, interdimensional portals and enemies who outnumber and outgun you and just want to see you torn into a million little pieces.

Sticking to your spirit animal may be your only way out. When a light ray is born in the darkness of despair, it’s kill or be killed.

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