Dokapon Kingdom: Connect will be arriving physically and digitally in North America and Europe for Switch on May 9, 2023. Now, you and your frenemies from across the globe can play Dokapon Kingdom: Connect with the help of online play!

Can’t get enough Dokapon? The third website update and The Wacky World of Dokapon Trailer for the hybrid RPG board game are now available. You can check out the trailer above, and then follow the links below to see the website updates.

Characters: Monsters System: Board Game x RPG, Have more fun!

Originally released for the PlayStation 2 and the Wii, the hybrid party board game is now back for the Switch! The game is simple: spin the roulette and defeat whoever stands your way! Plot your revenge and choose from 5 different game modes: Normal, Story, Shopping Race, Kill Race, and Town Race. With a kingdom spanning seven continents, who knows what shenanigans you’ll get into!

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