Dead by Daylight has been updated to Version 6.6.1. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • Updated UI for The Skull Merchant’s Power.

Bug Fixes

Archives & Challenges

  • Fixed an issue where the “Glyph Graduate” Yellow Glyph challenges were not recognizing the Player’s input within a good skill check zone.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Near Miss” challenge could gain progress if the Killer’s attack missed a Survivor from a distance greater than the intended 5 meters.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Gruesome” challenge would gain two (2) points of progress instead of one (1) during the End-Game Collapse.
  • This fix also addresses other Hook action challenges that gained double progress during the End-Game Collapse.


  • Fixed an issue with The Spirit where the audio for her phase ability would not be played for Survivors while using the Furin add-on.
  • Fixed an issue where granted currency and item pop-ups in the Main Menu would play twice.
  • Fixed an issue where the SFX for changing pages using a controller would be missing while in a bot lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where the game’s audio could be heard while in the Loading Screen before entering or leaving a Trial.


  • After playing a Custom Game with Add-ons disabled, the Tally screen no longer shows incorrect Add-ons.
  • An injured Bot will now think twice before attempting to heal a downed Bot within the Terror Radius.
  • Bots can now use the Repressed Alliance Perk.
  • Bots no longer shuffle at a slow pace while at a pallet if the chasing Killer is slightly far away.
  • Bots now respect Killers more by not getting into lockers while in the Killer’s line of sight.
  • Bots will now avoid backtracking to Pallet to stun the Killer, as it often led to an injury.
  • In the Custom Game lobby, Bots now correctly display the Item equipped even after changes in party members.
  • When playing against a Killer with the Iron Maiden Perk, Bots are now more careful about getting into Lockers, especially when equipped with Locker-based Perks like Flashbang.
  • When playing against Freddy Krueger with Add-ons allowing Dream Pallets, Bots will now remember which Pallets were replaced by fakes.
  • When playing against The Skull Merchant, Bots avoid loops covered by a Drone zone.
  • When playing against The Skull Merchant, Bots are now capable of vaulting near Drones.
  • When playing against The Skull Merchant with the Iridescent Unpublished Manuscript Add-on, Bots now respond to the change in Terror Radius.


  • Fixed an issue that cause the Door breaking animation to play too fast when playing as The Legion with Brutal Strength and equipped Frank’s mix tape.
  • Fixed an issue that cause all Survivors’ left hands to be distorted when receiving healing.
  • Fixed an issue that causes The Artist’s arm to jitter backward awkwardly when she walks into and past a tall asset.
  • Fixed an issue that cause All Survivors’ hands and heads to clip through the locker when fast exiting.
  • Injured Survivors have no more crooked wrists when moving and holding a Pocket Mirror.
  • Fixed an issue causeing killers to sometimes be unable to hit a Survivor healing a downed Survivor.
  • Fixed an issue where The Knight’s Healing Poultice, The Onryo’s Distorted Photo and The Oni’s Iridescent Family Crest Add-ons incorrectly revealed auras for the duration of their effect.
  • The Dredge no longer incorrectly becomes Invisible when teleporting during Nightfall. Survivors who scream during the Cenobite’s teleport no longer become stuck.
  • The Skull Merchant’s Drones no longer appear invisible when in the Active State.


  • Fixed a lighting issue that caused the Onryo’s well to look incorrect in the lobby.
  • Fixed an issue with a rock that could be climbed in the Mount Ormond Resort map. Perks
  • The Survivor’s Aura no longer fails to be revealed by Grim Embrace when the obsession is transferred by Game Afoot.
  • Teamwork: Power of Two no longer fails to deactivate if the other Survivor disconnects.
  • Healing an injured Survivor who has the Perk Adrenaline equipped while all Generator are completed no longer triggers the effect of the Perk Teamwork: Power Of Two
  • The Teamwork: Power of Two buff external icon now properly appears on all of the Survivors using the Perk.
  • The Teamwork: Collective Stealth’s external perk icon now correctly appears on the affected Survivor instead of the perk owner when both Survivors have this Perk equipped.
  • The Friendly Competition repair bonus speed buff is now properly maintained if the Perk owner disconnects from the Trial.
  • Using the Perk For The People on a dying Survivor now properly gives the Survivors the Teamwork: Power of Two and Teamwork: Collective Stealth buffs.
  • The End Game Collapse timer now updates properly when the last remaining survivor gets back up from the Adrenaline perk’s effect


  • All available Maps now correctly show in the Custom Game settings for players on the Epic Games Store.
  • Fixed an account mismatch issue when using the in-game Store on the Windows Store.
  • Fixed an intermittent crash when launching the game on Switch.


  • Fixed an animation issue when quickly changing pages in the Edit Bot Loadout popup.
  • Fixed a layout issue in the Edit Bot Loadout popup when the UI Scale Setting is not 100%.
  • Fixed an incorrect tooltip message for unavailable add-ons in the Edit Bot Loadout popup.


  • Hooking Survivors during the End Game Collapse no longer counts for 2 Hooks for the Hooks challenges progress
  • The Hack the Mainframe Achievement now unlocks correctly upon Killer disconnection.
  • Adept Renato and Adept Thalita are unlocked if the Killer Disconnects after the Exit Gate was opened.

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