There are lots of things to do and see at Super Nintendo World, and that includes meeting up with Mario and Luigi themselves. The dynamic duo can be spotted walking around Super Nintendo World, and they’re ready to do a lot more than just pose for photo opps.

The video above goes into detail on how these Mario and Luigi mascots not only blink, but speak to park guests as well. If you don’t want to ruin the magic, you might want to skip over the video above and the rest of this post. If you’re interested in the inner-workings with these costumes, read on!

As you’ll see in the video, each mascot has another Super Nintendo World employee standing close by. These employees have tablets that they use to control what Mario and Luigi say. There are a number of canned responses and comments the employees can choose from, and based on what’s going on at any given moment, the perfect response can be selected.

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