River City Girls 2 performance patch in the works

An update that'll pack a punch

15 March 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

What has WayForward been doing since they launched River City Girls 2? Working on a patch for the game, of course!

WayForward has taken to Twitter to reveal that they’re working on a performance patch for River City Girls 2, and it’s nearing completion. WayForward will submit the patch to Nintendo soon, and then hopefully it’ll be approved soon thereafter.

As for what the patch offers, River City Girls 2 players can look forward to performance and framerate enhancements, the ability to repeat New Game+ playthroughs, and a variety of other fixes. We’ll bring you the full patch notes when they are shared.

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1y ago

The game should have launched with 60fps on all platforms. Just like the first game. Instead it launched with 30fps on all platforms, including PC and PS5. The game was clearly not ready and should have been delayed considering the shape it was in. Such a shame, because you can never recover from lost sales at launch. You can get some people to bite after a major fix like this, but a lot of the people will have moved on.