Warframe's Hildryn Prime now available

I'll die on this Hildryn

15 March 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The stalwart shieldmaiden rises high above the battlefield in her magnificent new Prime form. Instantly unlock Hildryn Prime, her signature Prime Weapons, exclusive Accessories and more with Prime Access on Switch.

Proving that power is discipline’s reward, Hildryn Prime delivers death from above with her superior Balefire Charger Prime. Light up multiple foes at once with the irradiated Larkspur Prime Arch-Gun, or desolate them with an invisible sneak attack thanks to the stealthy Shade Prime Sentinel.

Hildryn Prime packs an explosive punch as the latest Warframe to receive the Prime treatment, granting enhanced base stats and Polarity slots to offer a functional and stylish advantage over the Herculean cyborgs non-Prime variant.

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