A new generation of Pokémon will arrive in the Pokémon Trading Card Game with the launch of Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet. Featuring the stunning Paldea region and its newly discovered Pokémon, the Scarlet & Violet expansion is rife with powerful Pokémon ex, incredible Abilities that generate interesting strategic gameplay opportunities, and attacks that have the potential to Knock Out almost any Pokémon.

Want to sneak a peek at some of the cards you’ll find in the Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet expansion before its official launch on March 31st, 2023? Pokémon Co. has put together a new feature that shares an early look at the following cards:

  • Spidops ex
  • Slowbro
  • Maushold
  • Pachirisu
  • Koraidon ex

If you want to learn a bit more about these cards before adding them to your deck, check out the feature here.

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