As with any big budget movie, a number of different tie-ins and promotions are in the works. We’ve already seen a few tied to the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie from Illumination and Nintendo, but today’s announcement is no doubt one of the more interesting ones.

Cosmetics retailer Lush, known for a wide variety of bath bombs and creams here in the states, has announced that they’ll be offering a Super Mario Bros.-themed bath bomb in collaboration with the Super Mario Bros. movie. As you can see above, this bath bomb is shaped like the iconic Question Mark Block from countless Mario games.

It looks like this bath bomb is launching on March 24th, 2023 and should be available at multiple Lush locations. What we don’t know is what this bath bomb smells like, or if it’ll have a special treat tucked away on the inside. Hopefully Lush shares those details and more soon!

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1y ago

I’m with you RMC! How did they not do a bath bob-omb?