Bear and Breakfast has been updated to Ver. 1.7.3. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • Added official Japanese support.

Bugs And Fixes

  • Took away Gus’s scalpel.
  • Fixed the mistakenly tagged Minimalist Towel Rack as Bathroom Object instead of Decorative
  • Considered removing Gus entirely. Decided against it. For now.
  • Expanded collider in Vlad’s Cave (Darkgrove) in order to prevent Hank getting stuck behind his furniture.
  • Fixed a bug making the player unable to accept guest requests in Winterberry / Pinefall
  • Added a number of improvements and optimizations to how the game uses memory.
  • Added an experimental tool for attempting to fix specific save files that had bugged progression. The tool will analyze the current quest progress and attempt to unlock all shops and blueprints that might have erroneously self-locked due to a bug. Please note that this is an experimental tool and using it on a save might lead to data corruption or save loss. Use at your own risk and please do not use if your save was not impacted by this bug.

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1+ y ago

Is anyone having troubles with the game not updating? I've uninstalled and reinstalled and I'm still on version 1.7.1.