An update is available for Dust & Neon. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

  • BUG: Fix a reported blocker in Sabotage mission.
  • BUG: Fix brain booster effects not being added properly.
  • BUG: Fix shotgun grunts sometimes not being able to hit.
  • BUG: Boss health bar goes away if going into the pause menu.
  • BUG: Enemies can shoot from outside the screen sometimes.
  • BUG: Sticky sprint doesn’t work on keyboard/mouse.
  • BUG: Distortion effects are missing.
  • BUG: Loot achievement doesn’t count non-picked-up/scrapped weapons.
  • BUG: Fixed auto-aim when hip firing
  • BALANCE: Increased effect of rank on guns.
  • BALANCE: Flip order of some gun shop upgrades.
  • BALANCE: Adjusted dropped ammo for rifle and shotguns.
  • BALANCE: Tweak some brain booster effects.
  • BALANCE: Adjust some enemy stats (faster exploding critters, less delay in turret critters, faster reload for tanks)
  • BALANCE: Adjust xp curve to flatten (faster xp gain) after level 20 to reduce grind.
  • BALANCE: Adjust damage falloff for guns, less range for revolver and shotgun before damage is reduced.
  • BALANCE: Increase the player weapon damage/enemy health curve that multiplies these based on rank.
  • BALANCE: Adjusted some prices in home base.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Rewrite mission board generation to be more varied. Regenerate all missions on every return and base it on the last two played missions to avoid too much repetition.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Generate harder missions if the player has survived for a long time.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added more variations to Sabotage Mission house.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Made Kill Target enemies a bit more challenging.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added warning visuals to traps.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Redesigned Boss 5 a bit to be snappier.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Add a few variations to Destroy Target barrels and make them explode faster to reduce the feel of grind on these missions.

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