Kickstarter for Advance Wars-inspired 'Warside' now live

Currently waging war on Kickstarter

15 March 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

We’ve talked about Warside in the past, which is aiming to release on Switch sometime this year. In advance of the game’s arrival, an official Kickstarter has just launched, and it’s looking to amass just over $60k to make the game a reality.

Warside cuts to the core of what made classic turn-based-tactics games so great. A great story campaign, unique Commanders with different playstyles, awesome Battle Powers, and a wide variety of terrain and units. Choose your Commander, assemble your forces, and battle your way to victory.

Control 25+ unit types. Simultaneously battle over land, air, and sea with ground forces, aircraft, and naval units. Wage war with artillery and tanks. Master the seas with submarines and warships. Command the skies with fighter and bomber aircraft. Command a variety of specialist infantry, including snipers, medics, mortar teams, and saboteurs.

If you want to check out the Kickstarter or pledge some funds, you ca do so through this link.

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1y ago

At least Wargroove tried to have an interesting theming compared to AW, but this just feels like a shameless ripoff. It's cool to want something similar so you make it yourself, but I feel you should try to make something not so creatively bankrupt as this.

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