Strayed Lights has been getting a lot of attention in recent weeks for a number of factors, most prominently its battle system.

In an interview with The Xbox Hub, Alexandre, creative director at developer Embers, spoke up on how Strayed Lights mixes together a variety of different mechanics to create a battle system unlike any other.

Our game design drew inspiration from titles such as Sekiro, where gameplay involves a mix of reactive and proactive actions. We believe that this approach demands attentiveness and mindfulness, allowing for a state of flow. To achieve this, we developed a combat system centered around the parry mechanic, supplemented by dodges to counter unparryable attacks, and proactive actions such as attacks and abilities.

Furthermore, we incorporated a color-matching mechanism that was influenced by Ikaruga. This feature adds an extra layer of engagement to the parry mechanic and necessitates careful observation of enemy movements, including their colors, attacks, and windups, enabling players to react accordingly.

[Alexandre, creative director]

Strayed Lights comes to Switch on April 25th, 2023. If you missed the latest trailer, you can find it here.

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