We’ll all be able to check out the upcoming Tetris movie when it launches on March 31st, 2023 via Apple TV+. When this movie was first announcement, everyone was wondering how in the world Tetris would work as a movie. Now we know that the film is very much a telling of Tetris’ story, rather than trying to adapt gameplay into a motion picture.

In an interview with VentureBeat, Maya Rogers, CEO of the Tetris Company, opened up on the path the movie takes. While it is very much a biopic, there’s some embellishment in there as well. The vast majority of what you’ll see actually happened, but expect some extra drama thrown in there for good measure.

It basically ends with Alexey getting the rights back, yes. It’s that era. Only the beginning. It starts off with Henk discovering Tetris at CES, because it was already published by Spectrum Holobyte. It’s also the story of Minoru Arakawa and Howard Lincoln and Henk Rogers going in to really secure the rights from the Soviet Union. There’s a little bit of spy fiction in there. There’s no car chase that really happened. That’s the Hollywood part. It was an interesting time, because it was right when the Soviet Union was collapsing. All these pieces were falling into place.

[Maya Rogers, CEO of the Tetris Company]

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I’ll check this movie out. Interesting topic and Taron Egerton is a great actor.