With the March 29th release of Heart Core LTD’s action-packed cyberbike spectacle Gripper screaming at us at full speed, you’re going need to know what, or better yet whom, is coming at you. From the fearless cyber-biker None, to his smart-mouthed bike mechanic Cat-Kit, and the tyrannical A.I. overlord of the badlands known as Zero, you can experience a glimpse of all of these characters through the concept art below and the Japanese language trailer above.


The main protagonist and playable character of Gripper, None is a conflicted soul, brought back to his childhood home by a troubling message from his estranged parents. Upon his return, he finds that a rogue AI has freed itself and has taken his mother and father hostage. Rushing to save his family, None’s first run in with this AI, the lording monstrosity that is Zero, does not go according to plan. Left broken and defeated, None is brought back in the nick of time by his childhood toy-turned loyal sidekick Cat-Kit. With a new body & swanky upgradeable bike, None takes to the badlands to destroy Zero’s creations, end the maniacal machine, and save his family. The talents of Teifion & Yoshinori Nakayama are on board to bring our hero to life.


While it started its life as a simple gift for None, Cat-Kit has undergone a few changes since those childhood days. After a series of upgrades & experiments, None’s parents found a way to give his childhood friend a rather interesting personality, and a voice provided by Derek Daisey & Misuzu Yamada (for the English & Japanese versions respectively). After reconnecting with None, Cat-Kit fixes him up using cutting-edge bionics and cybernetic upgrades and joins Zero as both a mechanic for his bike, and a guide for navigating the brutal world Zero has built.


Very little is known about their creation, their ascendancy, or how they took over. What’s important now is that Zero has taken over None’s world and rules over it with their steel monstrosities. Not only that, but to return the favor for bringing him into this world, Zero has kidnapped None’s parents. Menacingly voiced by Nate Goodwyn & Ryohei Tsuruta, Zero now rules over this land, creating imposing monsters of metal and grief. The only thing standing in its way? You.

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