Raccoon City survivors Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield know how to hold their own. Step out of the horrors of Raccoon City and drop into MEGA City instead with these new entrants to the Gaming Legends Series — available in the Item Shop starting now!

A rookie R.P.D. officer turned elite operative, getting rid of Leon S. Kennedy isn’t easy. Included with his Outfit is the compact Attaché Case Back Bling. Also in the Shop is a combat knife preferred by R.P.D. veterans, Leon’s Combat Knife Pickaxe.

A tough young woman on a search for her brother, Claire Redfield may have luck on the Island. It’s no secret the R.P.D. had some weird doors: equip the R.P.D. Keys Back Bling included with her Outfit! The Umbrella Parasol Pickaxe is also available in the Shop. (Its coloring seems familiar…)

Finish your next match in one piece with the new Raccoon City Survivors Set!

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