A new trailer has been released for Girl Genius: Adventures In Castle Heterodyne that shows off how the game is coming along. You can check out that trailer for yourself above.

Discover the award winning, gaslamp fantasy world of “Girl Genius”, experiencing Agatha Heterodyne’s story, as she navigates the hostile hallways, catacombs and kitchens of her ancestral home, Castle Heterodyne.

As the Lost Heir in the family lineage, she must repair the ancient fortress to its ancient glory, and take the throne as a “True Heterodyne”. Only then can she stand up to the might of the Wulfenbach Empire and the other wild forces of Europa that are trying to take control and subjugate its people. But first, she has to contend with a corrupt sentient AI controlling the castle, the very pink villain Zola Malfeazium that is intending to take the castle for herself, and spiky deathtraps and pits of doom at every corner.

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