Yacht Club Games has released a new trailer showcasing Shovel Knight Dig’s upcoming Fate and Fortune DLC. This DLC will be free, but we don’t know when it will launch on Switch. We’ll bring you release date information once it becomes available.

This free DLC is packed with even more adventure, including a brand new challenging quest called Knightmare Mode, sweet mementos to unlock and show off in the HUB, and tons of quality of life improvements to make your journey even smoother. We can’t wait for you to dive back into Shovel Knight’s epic journey and experience this expansive and FREE addition to the game.

Knightmare Mode: WHAT? BLACK KNIGHT IS IN DIG?!?! Something truly evil must be brewing down in the well! It’s up to Shovel Knight & Black Knight to uncover the true Knightmare and put a stop to it!

This mode is intended as a special challenge to players! Each Knightmare stage will augment your run into an even harder version of itself with options like “Unending Endurance” (where the well expands, making each stage longer) or “Robust Rogues” (bosses now have 50% more HP). Each challenge stacks, so make sure to hone your digging skills before progressing! Knightmare mode will track your progress and show the furthest you’ve gone. Each trip down the well will bring you closer to discovering the secrets lying at the bottom.

New Friend, Fetcher: Yip! Yip! Ya’ found a new character in the well! At the end of each stage, Fetcher will be waiting down in the well to do what he does best….fetch! For a measly 625 Bones (errrr, Gems)…he’ll give players a chance to exit the well mid-run to save their gold and return to the HUB.

Mementos: Calling all trophy seekers! We made an update especially for you! The Mementos are keepsakes awarded to the player for their many accomplishments and will decorate the HUB.

Compendium: The compendium keeps track of EVERYTHING you’ve collected and/or encountered in the well! Perfect for all you completionists!

New Music Track: Music maestro, Jake Kaufman, whipped up another banger for Shovel Knight Dig’s soundtrack! This track can be heard echoing in the Mushroom Mines.

Quality of Life Improvements:

Seeds are now available in the Menu allowing players to set specific Seed (Note: PC version only)

Level design adjustments and additions

Can turn off auto-downthrust (Shovel Drop) in Menu Camera “Look Up/Down” feature Food/Enemies/Signs have been added to the compendium

Key order adjustment

Seen cut-scenes are now skippable Food & Max HP balancing

Item improvements (based on player feedback)

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