Ahead of Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection’s release on June 1st, 2023, Atlus has share da few more details on what features and details of this compilation.

For those who played these entries on the DS, you’ll be happy to know that the Switch versions retain the touchscreen controls found in the originals. While touchscreen input is optional, those playing in handheld allows you to draw maps in the same way as on the DS.

Along with that, the game also includes auto-mapping functions. If you turn this feature on, the game will automatically detect and draw the floor tiles for the map. There’s also an “Auto-mapping (FULL)” option that will draw both the floor tiles and walls. Obviously, you can turn this feature completely off if you’d rather handle things yourself.

Finally, Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection includes left-handed and right-handed settings for touchscreen map drawing. You can also change the position of the map to make more sense for your settings.

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