Tron: Identity is coming to Switch on April 11th, 2023 and it’s being made by Bithell Games, an award-winning studio known for games with deep, interesting and moving narratives. Those games also present the player with some tough choices to make, and according to a interview with director Mike Bithell, Tron: Identity players should expect the same.

“I would say, there’s a lot of branching. There’s a lot of choices, and those choices have massive consequences. What I’ll say is the end point of this story cleanly provides an opportunity for a future story, but the context of that future story can wildly vary depending on what you’ve done, what choices you’ve made. I mean, literally who’s been Derezzed by the end of the game, stuff like that. Big heavy choices. I mean, that’s a really interesting foundation. So while we’re not doing massive different endings in that way, we’re doing massive endings in terms of character arcs and stories, which will, in my opinion, actually feel more meaningful and then hopefully inform what you might see in future games as well.”

[Mike Bithell, Director]

There’s obviously going to be a lot for Tron fans to do and see, but they’re not the only ones who’ll be able to enjoy this experience. Bithell is also hoping that Tron: Identity will convince those new to the franchise to dive in as well, and come out of the experience as fans.

“So I think that’s kind of part of what we’re going for is to create this opportunity to just step into this world and inhabit it. I think that’s a really big part of Tron’s pull to the audience. And then of course, all this awesome lore, which as a fanboy, I’m obsessed with every single character who’s ever been in that world. Every single little bit of Easter Eggy, lore-y stuff we can do as well. So yeah. There’s just a lot of really great ways of doing that. And then finally, I guess the other thing is inviting in a bigger audience as well. We can definitely reach out to a new audience. Legacy came out 10 years ago. There is going to be an audience playing our game where this is their entry point. And we are definitely conscious of that. And we want to make a game that is welcoming in that way and kind of pulls in that audience and is a nice touchstone.”

[Mike Bithell, Director]

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