London, 08 March 2022 - Outright Games, the leading publisher of family- friendly interactive entertainment, in partnership with Hasbro, revealed today that My Little Pony is heading to consoles and PC for the first time in over five years with My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure. Introducing a whole new generation to one of the world’s most enduring entertainment franchises, this all-new adventure will allow fans to play together in the magical world of Equestria and will release this spring on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and followed by Xbox Series XǀS and PS5 versions as a free upgrade later in 2022.

Discover the next generation of ponies and their enchanting world Equestria in this new exciting single player adventure. Play as the curious and determined leader of the Mane Five, Sunny Starscout, and help her discover her powers whilst getting to know her friends: the courageous Zipp, creative Izzy, kind Hitch, and confident Pipp as they come together to organise the best festival ever!

If that’s not enough fun, collect accessories to customise the ponies and play together across mini games and in party mode!

[Outright Games PR]

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