The sun smiles down on pristine green fields, as small animals frolic and happy children ramble over the hills. It’s a perfect day – to destroy the world. Premium Edition is setting loose its physical edition of the mayhem-filled arcade adventure Rack ‘N Ruin for the Nintendo Switch on March 20. Step into the ghoulish shoes of Rack, a demon wizard with a penchant for destruction and an abiding hatred of all things bright and beautiful and guide him as he adventures across a world filled with wonder that’s just begging to be ruined. You can get your treasure-hungry mitts on the Standard edition or the Retro Edition, complete with a collector’s box and more.

Rack ‘N Ruin puts a fresh spin on classic genres, combining the top-down adventuring style of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past with the irreverent humor of Invader Zim. The nefarious mage ferrets out secrets from the vast, open world before gearing up and heading into grueling dungeons to unleash his powers on all who dare cross his path.


Rack wields four elemental weapons and has two dozen spells, traps, and demonic items to help take down over 30 unique enemies and gigantic bosses. Mix and match your spells and attacks to create completely unique combos and tailor the mayhem to your taste, as you raid castles, spelunk caves, and bend ancient evils to Rack’s will.

The Retro Edition of Rack ‘N Ruin comes with the Nintendo Switch game and case in a special SNES-style collector’s box, a full-color manual, double-sided insert, and a slip case featuring art by trading card and video game artist Paul. E Niemeyer. It also includes a card with a devious challenge set by the development team. Players who successfully complete the challenge will receive an iron-on patch from the team to show off their prowess.

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