Days of Bloom is back and better than ever in thatgamecompany’s Sky: Children of the Light. Now through April 9, players can embrace the start of spring with new experiences, sights and items.

Days of Bloom will run across four phases, where life will emerge from the sands and grow into a lush, vibrant meadow full of life. Players can head to the Forgotten Ark in the Golden Wasteland to experience all the fun, as it’ll host the central attraction for Days of Bloom. More details on the phases are below.

During the first phase, players can look forward to new sprouts emerging from the wasteland.

During the second phase, players can expect grass to grow taller and a trail of petals to appear in the wind for players to glide upon.

In phase three, which runs from March 27 through April 6, buds will emerge across the field and then blossom into full bloom, turning the desert into an oasis. During this phase, players can meditate at a shrine near the Lightseekers Spirits to join hundreds, even thousands of other players gathered in the Forgotten Ark. Every few hours, players who meditate at this shrine will be transformed into butterflies. This phase will utilize technology from last December’s AURORA Concert.

This concert, featuring the musician AURORA, offered a first-of-its-kind virtual musical performance and connected groups of thousands of players in real time.

Finally, in phase four, players will see the flowers reach the end of their bloom and eventually fade out, as the meadow bids farewell to the event.

In addition, two trees have appeared – one in Home and one in the Hidden Forest social space. For the first two weeks of the event, players can collect the Light they share as they relax among the pink and lavender petals. New items are coming to the game, as well, available through this year’s Bloom Guide and the in-game shop.

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