The latest Peppa Pig videogame to release is Peppa Pig: World Adventures, which just came out on Switch a few days ago. A number of people are playing through the game right now, and they’re happening upon a rather stilted message on Queen Elizabeth II’s passing.

Believe it or not, the game itself does feature a scene with Peppa and her family meeting up with Queen Elizabeth II to jump around in puddles. The interaction is a bit strange, but nothing too wild. It’s the moment that comes after that has been catching attention.

With nothing more than a fade in and out, the image at the top of the post is shown in-game. No music or sound effects, just a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II’s passing. Even the image used seems a bit strange, only adding to the overall uncomfortable vibe of the moment.

You can see the complete scene play out below, but please note that the clip has a lot of cursing from a Twitch streamer.


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1y ago


You forgot the image at the top. It got me confused when I read "he image at the top of the post is shown in-game" and I couldn't find one :)


1y ago

I don't see what is odd or uncomfortable about this at all. It's a picture in memoriam of the Queen, following a section of the game featuring the Queen. Just seems like a mark of respect.

Certainly don't know why rayyy lmao - whoever he is - is pacing around the room with his hands on his head and pulling a gormless face as if it's the most outrageous thing he's ever seen.