A considerable amount of people have been saying that Nintendo and Illumination have been sharing a bit too much footage from the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie. That’s likely a decision by Universal Pictures, and they’re clearly looking to build as much excitement for the film as possible before launch on April 5th, 2023. If you’re someone who feels like we’ve seen too many sneak peeks on what the movie provides, you’ll definitely want to skip the video above.

A series of new commercials for the Super Mario Bros. movie have been popping up on TV and social media, and they might be the most spoiler-filled yet. We get to see clips never before seen, locations we didn’t know were in the movie, character interactions, story tidbits and more.

Again, if you’re trying to keep most things a surprise until you actually see the Super Mario Bros. movie in theaters, stay far away from the video above!

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