Niantic has acquired AR studio NZXR

Making use of that Pokémon money

08 April 2022
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The developers behind Pokémon GO and Pikmin Bloom, Niantic, have announced that they have acquired the New Zealand-based AR studio NZXR. The studio will become an integral part of Niantic to help create new unique AR experiences for users. In addition, Niantic shared a new video to showcase the work that NZXR accomplished and what they can offer.

Today, we’re announcing we’ve acquired NZXR, a world-class AR studio based in New Zealand. NZXR has led the creation of AR-first experiences for years, helping companies and brands create engaging and interactive AR apps and prototypes for mobile phones and AR headsets. Joining Niantic, the NZXR team will become an integral part of the design and development of multiplayer real-world AR experiences unique to Niantic.

Our goal has always been to create augmented reality experiences that can be enjoyed by millions of people and to build the technology that powers them and third-party applications – Niantic Lightship. From Ingress to Pokémon GO, and Pikmin Bloom, people around the world have come together to complete Ingress missions, catch Pokémon, collect Pikmin, and explore the world. The NZXR team will help us accelerate new kinds of AR experiences for the real-world metaverse where our explorers can create, contribute, and interact with digital objects in a way that is persistent and shared by everyone.

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