Outside of professional wrestling, I don’t follow sports in any way, shape or form. Nothing against sports by any means, I just haven’t found anything I’ve enjoyed yet. That might change with today’s discovery, as I think it turned me into a baseball fan!

The official Twitter account for the New York Mets shared a video showing off the new scoreboard at City Field, a baseball stadium located in New York City. Rather than showing off something baseball-related, the Mets decided to put the scoreboard to even better use with some classic gaming.

As you can see in the tweet above, the Mets spent a little time playing something other than baseball. What better way to test out a new screen than with some Mario Kart 64? You’d think a screen this size would be perfect for multiplayer, but instead, we get just one lucky person playing a bit of singleplayer.

Let’s hope this isn’t the first time the Mets showcase some Nintendo love on the scoreboard. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more tributes to the Big N!


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1y ago

That’s great. Perfect use for the screen.
I did something similar when I worked at a Cinema and switched over to digital projectors from 35mm film.