Did you know that there have been over 40 events in Sky: Children of the Light? That’s a lot of get-togethers for players to enjoy, as well as a lot of trial and error for the dev team.

Developers at thatgamecompany have gone through quite the learning process to discover what makes Sky events successful. While there have been a variety of ideas at play, the team has realized that building from the point of an emotional experience is what led to the greatest player engagement and fun.

Tim Nixon of thatgamecompany expanded on this idea at the Game Developers Conference Free-to-Play Summit.

“When we put emotion first, the merchandising component flowed very naturally. What we found from this again is when you create an emotionally resonant experience, the merchandising component is super easy,” Nixon said. “Not just in terms of how you create it or where you place it, but you don’t feel like you’re needing to force anything on the players because they want to remember it. They want to get something to memorialize the experience that they had.”

[Tim Nixon, thatgamecompany]

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