The roster of Resident Evil characters is quite deep, giving fans a great variety of personalities to connect with throughout the franchise’s decades-long history. Obviously, fans have come to really love some of those characters over the years, and now we know who the favorites are.

Famitsu Magazine asked its readers to vote on their favorite Resident Evil characters, and they’ve just released the top 10 list. You can see the list below, and hopefully your favorite made the cut!

  1. Leon S. Kennedy (2637 pts)
  2. Jill Valentine (1675 pts)
  3. Chris Redfield (1530 pts)
  4. Ada Wong (1019 pts)
  5. Claire Redfield (858 pts)
  6. Albert Wesker (731 pts)
  7. Ethan Winters (721 pts)
  8. Rebecca Chambers (377)
  9. Piers Nivans (355 pts)
  10. HUNK (330 pts)

I have to say, how in the world did Barry not make it anywhere in the top 10?! I know he’s not the biggest character in the franchise, but he’s certainly worthy of a top 10 placement!

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