Back in December 2022, Square Enix announced the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Soundtrack vinyl boxset, and it’s releasing today. To celebrate the package’s arrival, Square Enix has shared a new video showcasing what the $125 boxset gets you.

The Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Soundtrack vinyl boxset includes three records that offer 36 tracks in total. These tracks spans the mainline Kingdom Hearts games, and you can expect to hear Dearly Beloved,” “Dive into the Heart -Destati-,” “Traverse Town,” and “CHIKAI -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version-” and more. This boxset also includes “Reality in the Dark,” the song that was used in the debut trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4.

This boxset also includes a special illustration card featuring Sora’s evolution from the original Kingdom Hearts to to Kingdom Hearts 4. Of course, some of the other iconic characters from the Kingdom Hearts series are also featured in the artwork. The video above gives a closer look at the box set itself, as well as samples of various tracks included.

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