In advance of Xicatrice’s launch, the dev team has been sharing character profiles for the title. Today introduces us to Toma Asahi, voiced by Saho Shirasu in Japanese.

She is a member of the RAUT. A serious honour student who excels both at sports and studies, and diligently cooperates with the protagonist. She lost her family in an accident on the day of her 6th birthday, and that’s when her Unusual Talent awakened.

“Are my sins light enough that I can atone for them with my life?”

Xicatrice is a “superpowers x academy RPG” in which you play as a teacher who leads a special unit of students on dangerous missions in response to emergencies. The game combines the depth that comes with a huge variety of skills, with highly flexible character development, allowing each player to play with their own strategy. The game is scheduled to release on June 29th, 2023, in Japan for the Nintendo Switch.

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