Dead by Daylight has been updated to Version 6.6.2. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Killer: The Skull Merchant

Base power changes:

The Skull Merchant gains a flat Haste Status Effect for each Survivor detected on the radar. This bonus is lost when no Survivor is detected on the Radar.

  • One Survivor : +3%
  • Two Survivors: +5%
  • Three Survivors: +6%
  • Four Survivors: +7%

Note: You do not need to be Inspecting the Radar in order to get this bonus.

  • Failing the Claw Trap hack no longer recharges its battery
  • Entering an Active Zone no longer recharges Claw Trap batteries
  • Drones only return to the Killer after their respective Claw Trap battery is empty
  • Survivors with a Claw Trap cause Drones to be Unhackable while they are nearby
  • Claw Trapped Survivors who fast vault pallets break the pallet and their Claw Trap at the same time
  • Claw traps are automatically removed when their battery is empty

Addon changes :

  • Ultrasonic Trap Speaker (NEW EFFECT): Decrease the time it takes for Undetectable to take effect by 50%
  • Increase the “Expired Batteries” addon rarity to Ultra Rare (was Very Rare)
  • Decrease the “Prototype Rotor” addon rarity to Very Rare (was Ultra Rare)
  • Increase Adaptive Lighting to 50% (was 20%)
  • Decrease Expired Batteries to 40% (was 150%)


  • A previous patch note stated that the perk Leverage no longer worked on self-healing. This was not the case. Leverage has worked on self-healing and still does.
  • Updated screams caused by Perks to be heard map-wide, as they were prior to version 6.6.0.

Bug Fixes

Archives & Challenges

  • Fixed an issue where pallets broken by The Knight’s Guards were not contributing progress towards applicable challenges, such as “Rault’s Strength” and “Unleash the Rage”.


  • Fixed an issue in the Archives where the French voice over for Memory 714 of Tome 13 would cut before the end.
  • Fixed an issue where The Trapper would fail to trigger a voice over when a Survivor escapes his grab.


  • Bots can now ask other players to move out of their way.
  • Bots no longer give up when Broken and within the area of a Boon: Circle of Healing.
  • Tentatively fixed an issue where Bots would shut themselves down when injured by an Artist’s Dire Crow.
  • When playing against Freddy Krueger with the Dream Pallets Power, Bots no longer stop moving after passing a Dream Pallet.
  • When playing against The Skull Merchant, Bots can now disable Drones placed on stairs.


  • Fixed an issue that cause Yun-Jin and a few other female survivors’ face to be different when been on the hook.
  • Fixed an issue that cause The Nurse’s Grim Veil to stretches unnaturally on the tally screen.
  • Fixed an issue that cause Males survivors grabbed from lockers to have stretched eyebrows.
  • Fixed an issue where The Knight’s Healing Poultice, The Onryo’s Distorted Photo and The Oni’s Iridescent Family Crest Add-ons incorrectly revealed auras for the duration of their effect.


  • Fixed a bug that made two chests spawn in the Shattered Square basement of the main building.


  • The Haste status effect icon no longer appears on screen when Teamwork: Collective Stealth is active
  • The Friendly Competition repair bonus speed buff is no longer lost if the Perk owner disconnects from the Trial.
  • A Survivor fast vaults a Pallet with the Skull Merchant Claw trap no longer triggers the Perk Thwack!
  • Failing one skill check caused by the Merciless Storm Perk no longer causes subsequent skill checks to fail

Killer – Skull Merchant

  • Drones no longer show the scanning VFX for one frame when starting the scan phase.
  • Claw-Traps removed by hacking now correctly self-destruct instead of disappearing


  • Fixed Perk description tooltips being incorrectly positioned in the Edit Bot Loadout menu.
  • Corrected ‘Shotgun Speakers’ add-on icon to avoid trypophobia trigger.

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