As you probably know, DNF Duel is making its way to Switch on April 20th, 2023. The experience will be at parity with other versions of the game, minus one notable feature. This was discussed by publisher NEXON in the past, but now its reconfirmed via the game’s official website.

An updated FAQ for DNF Duel has released, and in particular, it mentions the specifics of online play. The PC, PS4 and PS5 versions of the game use rollback netcode for online play, which is the preferred method for fighting games. With Switch, online players will have to deal with delay-based netcode.

Delay-based netcode delays the local player’s inputs by the necessary number of frames to match accordingly with their online opponent. Rollback netcode is akin to how streaming platforms work, so if one player freezes for a moment, the game will quickly speed things back up once the connection improves.

For fighting game diehards, rollback netcode is a must. For the general public, delay-based netcode will do the trick. Hopefully its implementation in DNF Duel on Switch is serviceable.

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