KEMCO SRPG 'Legend of Ixtona' now available on Switch

Where does KEMCO get all of these from?!

08 April 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

We’re not quite sure where they keep getting them from, but KEMCO has released yet another RPG for the Switch. To be specific, this is an SRPG named Legend of Ixtona, and as usual, KEMCO is offering a 10% launch discount for the title, making it $13.49 instead of the usual $15.

In Legend of Ixtona, when a king is killed by his own son, an all-out war starts upon the lands. You’ll take part in full-scale strategic battles from an isometric view, with each map’s geography impacting range of movement, attack characteristics, and enemy plans. Throw in evasion rates that change according location, attack ranges that change according to weapon type, and the ability to team up with nearby allies to unleash combo attacks, and Legend of Ixtona offers more than enough gameplay elements to accommodate even the most intricate of strategies.

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