Gearbox Publishing and Hopoo Games have revealed a new game mode for Risk of Rain Returns: Providence Trials. In case you missed it, the game is a remake of the original 2D multiplayer action roguelike, available this year.

Detailed in their latest Dev Thoughts video, Providence Trials will introduce more ways to play and unlock alternate abilities for Survivors. These trials will test everything from a player’s mobility skills to their combat effectiveness and survivability. This follows Hopoo’s previous reveal (Dev Thoughts 29) of three new Alternate Survivor Abilities for each survivor including fan favorites like Commando, Mercenary and more.

Gearbox and Hopoo also revealed one of the Survivors added to Risk of Rain Returns: the Artificer. First introduced in Risk of Rain 2, the Artificer may be losing a third dimension, but she retains her diverse kit that rewards players who can rotate through skills quickly and effectively.

If you’d like to get even more details on the Providence Trials game mode and Artificer, you can check out the complete dev blog here.

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