The developer behind Gato Robato is moving away from the Metroidvania genre to create a noir-punk action adventure. In Gunbrella, use the multi-faceted gunbrella to take out enemies, glide, dash, and traverse a dark and gritty world. You can even upgrade the gunbrella to reach all-new areas and fight enemies in different ways.

In the video above, Gunbrella developer Cullen Dwyer answers a bunch of questions about the title, including where the premise came from and much more. If you’re interested in getting even more insight into this upcoming title, the video above is a must-watch.

In Gunbrella, engage in side-scrolling action combat while exploring a diverse assortment of locations and interrogating bizarre characters. Use the Gunbrella to glide, swing, dash, dive and gather scrap and spare parts to trade for different munitions and upgrades. Investigate cult kidnappings and trash gangs, and uncover the mysteries of the supernatural as wraiths and monstrosities materialize in places where blood has been shed…

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