It’s Kirby Time is a series of picture books that originated in Japan, and now we’re getting special read-along videos showcasing some of the art and stories from those books.

In the video above, It’s Kirby Time: Kirby’s Tiny World is the spotlight, which is the 4th book in the series. Nintendo has said that they plan to release more entries in this read-along series, so we should see more of Kirby’s story book adventures in the near future!

In this entry, Kirby is on his way to play with Waddle Dee. The two will visit a forest, the sea, and even a secret cave. The duo will happen upon some more of their friends along the way, making the journey that much more special.

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2+ y ago

Cute :) They just need to rerelease Kirby right back at ya.


2+ y ago

That was teeth-rottingly cute. But most importantly, FATTY WHALE RETURNS